Loyalty & Coupons

Idunn Apps

Loyalty card

Collecting points

IdunnApps offers a loyalty card feature through which users can collect points—it’s entirely customizable from the back office.

Customizing the card

The number of points per card can be customized along with the value associated with each point, used to calculate your return on investment.

3 validation processes

Define the validation process for the points collected through the loyalty card: QR code scan, manual check-in within a defined geographical area or link sharing.

Managing gifts once the card is completed

Define the gift users will receive upon completing their loyalty card: title, description, content of the gift, expiration date of the offer, advanced design options.

Rewards history

The user can access a history of redeemed rewards, with the date they were used, directly within the loyalty card section or from their user profile.


Club card

Tied to the loyalty card

IdunnApps offers the possibility to set up 3 membership levels for your clients which they can access once they’ve earned a specific number of loyalty points—it’s up to you to define it.

Defining privileges

Define the lifetime privileges associated with each different membership status of your club card.


Loyalty program management

Global statistics

A dedicated interface, integrated within the IdunnApps back office, lets you analyze the results of your loyalty program and estimate profit.

Statistics per user

For each user, it is possible to know how many times the loyalty card has been completed and their membership status.

Profit estimation

Based on the value assigned to each point collected through your loyalty card, you can see an estimate of the amount of transactions conducted through your loyalty program.

Adjusting period settings

Adjust results per period: 7 or 30 days, current month, past month or even customize the time frame.

Statistics export in CSV

Export all the statistics data related to your loyalty program in .csv format in one single click.

Promotional tools for your loyalty program

The IdunnApps back office offers several promotional tools for your loyalty program. Facebook or Twitter sharing, email engagement as well as push notifications.

Customer management

Access the list of your clients registered for your loyalty program from a dedicated interface. Sort them according to their membership status, logins or most recent point validations.

Detailed client profile

Access and edit your clients’ profiles. Photo, login, location, and description.

Manual card management

Manually manage the number of points and membership status of each of your clients.




Coupons management

Create and share your discount coupons. Manage them from your back office, easily edit their status, active or inactive.

2 validation processes

IdunnApps offers two different validation processes for your coupons: redeem them through the app or use a promo code.

Advanced terms of use

Define the terms of use for your discount coupons: period of validity, number of times they can be used, and per client.

Advanced design customization

Customize your coupons by choosing an image, background color, as well as customizing the text font and color.

Coupons geolocalization

For each coupon you have the option to add a location, a useful feature in the case of several establishments.

Coupons usage statistics

Analyze the performance of your coupons through a statistics tool detailing the number of redeemed coupons, in calendar view, as well as according to your list of clients and who redeemed them.

Saving a coupon feature

Your users have the option to save coupons for a later use.

A history of redeemed coupons

Your users can access a history of all the coupons they’ve redeemed.

A list of saved coupons

Your users have access to a list of available coupons which they’ve previously saved.