Login & User Groups

Idunn Apps


Integrated userbase

As an option your app integrates an authentication feature to allow users to sign in and log in directly, without the need to rely on a third party service.

2 step sign in process

Collecting the user information required for the sign up is a 2 step process, in order to differentiate login information from contextual information requests.

Possibility to access without authentication

It is possible to make authentication optional to access the app.

Possibility to sign up

It is possible to allow the user to create an account to access the app or parts of the app.

Terms of use

Define the terms of use with which users must comply upon registering for your app.

Sign up / Login with Facebook

Allow registration and login to your app through Facebook.

Sign up / Login with Twitter

Allow registration and login to your app through Twitter.

Customizable fields

Build the user profile of the members of your app with customizable fields.

Mandatory or optional fields

Decide which fields are mandatory or optional within the registration process.

Public, private or invisible information

For each field of the profile, define which are visible for all other app users (public), only visible for the user himself (private) and only visible for the app owner (invisible).


User Groups

Assigning users to groups

Manage your users by creating user groups.

Managing access rights per group

Decide which restrictions apply for each user group. Define which parts of your app are available or have restricted access.

App access rights

Decide whether you want to restrict complete access to your app for certain user groups.

Access rights for each section

Define for each group which sections of your app are available or restricted.

Customizing the restricted access page

Customize the design and content of the page displayed in the case of restricted access.



Editing user information

Your users have the option to edit their profile information from the app.

Accessing the history of received notifications Native 

From their profile, users can access a history of all push notifications received.

Managing subscription to the automatic push

Let your users decide which scheduled push notification campaigns they wish to subscribe to.

Access links to other features

From their profile, users can access other features, such as the loyalty card.


UGC – user generated content

Submission section

The Submission section lets users submit text, photo or video content to the app owner, through the app

Several types of content

Users can send different types of content—text, photo or video.

Owner notification

Each time new content is submitted by a user, the owner receives an email notification, with a copy of the content received.