CMS – content managment system

Idunn Apps

IdunnApps CMS

The integrated CMS lets you create any type of content directly from the back office: Articles, Videos, Sounds, Photos, Forms, Events…

Managing the content status

For all content created, pick a status: Published, In stock, Draft, and manage publications easily.

Delayed publication

You have the option to delay the publication of content, by picking a future time and date.

Categorizing content

Create an unlimited number of categories to classify your content inside a section. Easily manage the activation and deactivation of each category, and move items from one category to the other.

Content sorting

For each section or category choose the sorting criteria for your content: by writing date, alphabetical order or even based on the number of comments.

Centralized content management

Access a dedicated page to manage all the content created using the CMS. This dashboard is equipped with intelligent filters allowing you to easily find the content you’re looking for.



User profile

Content authorship can be assigned to a member of your team or to an external author.

Multi-block editing

You can structure the content of your articles into different types of blocks (text, photo, video, quotes,…) which will impact the layout and ensure maximum display compatibility on all screen sizes.

Rich Text Editor

Writing blocks include a rich text editor to allow you to easily edit the layout of your page and enhance your text.

Content geolocalization

Assign geographical coordinates to your content for a possible map display.

Colors, fonts, alignment, thumbnail design

The design of content produced through the CMS is customizable up to the very last detail.


External content

Adding external content

Connect external content sources thanks to our catalogue of over 30 external connectors: Youtube, Dailymotion, Wordpress, Blogger, Flickr, SoundCloud, Google Calendar, Facebook Events, and much more.

Content caching

Your content is pre-processed, compressed and cached by IdunnApps in order to ensure the best loading time, display and stability for your users, without any server overload.

Image caching

Your images are resized, compressed and cached by IdunnApps in order to ensure balance between compatibility and performance for your users.

WordPress plugin

The v Plugin for WordPress is an extension of the JSON API plugin, a plugin commonly used within the WordPress community. We have adapted it to safeguard communication between your app and your blog, as well as to allow further flexibility in terms of content synchronization.

Content synchronization

Content produced through an external source is synchronized with IdunnApps, to be displayed in full while adapting to mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Advanced content filters

The display of externally synchronized content with v can be filtered based on specific criteria at the source, to be interpreted by the connectors.

Popularity ranking

The ranking of external synchronized content displayed with IdunnApps can be managed according to the popularity of the content at the source.



Comments management

Manage your users comments through a dedicated interface. Check the author and content of the comment, the section it’s attached to, publication date, as well as status.

Moderating comments

Activate the feature to moderate comments before or after they are published. Choose their status at any time: Published, Saved as Draft, Pending.

Notification when a new comment is added

Each time a new comment is added the app administrator can be notified via email.

User authentication

By activating the authentication feature in your app, when posting a comment, users are automatically identified by their profile if they are logged in.

Source comments

When comment management is handled through your site, such as WordPress, your app is connected in real-time in order to retrieve comments to be displayed. Comments are directly posted onto your site.

Disqus comments

If you use Disqus to manage comments on your site, you can easily activate the Disqus module and integrate it within your native app as well as your web app. It all synchs in real-time.


Images management

Drag and drop upload

Integrate images into your content easily with the drag and drop feature.

Adaptative compressing

Images are resized to several ratios, compressed and cached to reach the best weight, performance and display quality combination. Loading times are optimized without jeopardizing display quality.

Progressive loading

Only the images which should be displayed immediately to the user are shown—top of the page images first, then the rest. This ensures a faster, higher performing web app and native app for your users.

Included CDN

All the images hosted by GoodBarber are hosted on a global CDN, with 18 location points throughout the world. Your content is hosted closest to your users, with no additional costs.

Images SEO

Your images are assigned HTML tags to facilitate their indexation by search engines.




Background audio playback

Your native apps support audio playback mode, including when the app isn’t in the foreground. This allows users to keep listening to your podcasts while using other apps, for instance.

Customizable audio player

The audio player within your app is customizable to your liking to guarantee the most immersive experience for your users.

Graphical equalizer 

Pages playing the podcasts integrate a graphical animation in synch with the broadcast sound.

Audio player on all pages (web version)

The audio player is available on all pages of your progressive web app.

Customizable podcast player

The player to listen to podcasts displayed within the app is fully customizable.

Upload and hosting of podcasts

You can upload your podcasts directly to IdunnApps, it is not necessary to use an external platform. They will be hosted and delivered directly to your users.

Buy a podcast

You can display a commercial link for each of your podcasts to direct the user towards an in-store purchase.

Podcasts illustrations

An illustration can be assigned to each episode of your podcast.



Customizable audio player

The player to listen to live audio within the app is fully customizable.

Background audio playback

Your native apps support audio playback mode, including when the app isn’t in the forefront. This allows users to keep listening to your live audio sessions while using other apps.

OS controls

While live audio is broadcasting, your app communicates with the operating system so that your users can make use of the integrated controls of the system to manage playback.

Customizable design

The page from which the Live section plays is fully customizable.

On air / off air management

Access to the Live player is deactivated according to the schedule which you’ve defined for non-broadcast hours. The page allowing access to the player is customizable in order to inform users of the upcoming live broadcast.



Encryption and hosting

You can directly upload videos to IdunnApps, it is not necessary to use a third party service. They will be automatically encrypted in several formats to ensure optimal support across platforms.

Video player

IdunnApps integrates a customizable video player, supported on the web as well as on mobile. Everything is included.

External player

When you embed a video hosted on a third-party platform inside your app, the video player of the said platform is used. Everything is thoughtfully designed to ensure a smooth experience for your users.

Adaptive pages

The video pages within your app are designed to make the absolute most of the space available, depending on the platform. They automatically adapt based on whether your user is on mobile, tablet, laptop or a larger screen.



Event management

Create your events directly from the back office and share the event details with your users.

Time zones

The date and time of your events is displayed according to the time zone of the user accessing the content of the calendar section.


Thanks to event geolocalization, your users can create itineraries using external Map services such as Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Organizing events by date

The design of the Calendar section is designed to display several events on the same day.

Dates display format

Select the display format of dates used for your events, in order to feature the one which is most relevant to your users.

Adding an event to the phone’s calendar

Let users add events to the Calendar app on their smartphone through the button featured in the toolbar.



Display modes

The map section allows for the creation of geolocalized points of interest, which can then be displayed in list or map view.

Points of interest description

Add any type of content to describe your points of interest: text, photo, video or even embed code.

Itineraries function

Thanks to the geolocalization of your points of interest, users can create itineraries towards your points of interest with external Map services such as Google Maps or Apple Maps.




The Favorites section regroups all of the content (regardless of what type) bookmarked by your users in the same place. Pictures, videos, sound or text, they all fall within the same section for a user friendly experience.

Deleting favorites

The list of bookmarked content can easily be modified thanks to the option to delete items.



16 field types

Build your form by choosing from 16 different types of fields: free text, checkboxes, multiple choice, dropdown menu, date, phone number, file and much more.

Multi-blocks and RTE

You can structure the description of your form with different types of blocks (text, photo, video, quotes,…) with an advanced and efficient rich text editor, to easily achieve your display and enhance your text.

Customizing the response process

Customize the confirmation message, error message, send button text and completion message.

Responses management

Check form responses directly from the back office, export them in .csv format along with attached files.

A notification upon each response

Choose the recipient or recipients of the notification email upon each response submitted for the form.